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Support for your GenePro Casa Slides : How will they give you more consistent analyses using your CASA ?

Slides are essential for analysis with a CASA system.  For this purpose, GenePro has developed a slide support to make the results more uniform.
What precautions must be taken before using a casa slide? What are the common errors in a CASA analysis? How can a GenePro slide support simplify your analysis?
This article describes how GenePro has made the analysis of an ejaculate with CASA as simple and realistic as possible.

Our tips for correctly using a CASA slide

GenePro casa slides on a microscope

When analyzing with a CASA system, it is essential to use a heated stage to allow the sperm to warm up to a temperature of around 40 degrees. Thus, they will move naturally in the slide’s chamber, and the CASA analysis system will be able to provide a realistic calculation for the potential of this ejaculate. However, it is not uncommon that the slide is insufficiently warmed or only heated partially, These temperature variations can influence the CASA results.
Remember, provide enough time to warm up the slide entirely to ensure consistent results!

The slide support developed by GenePro

Support CASA slide

The GenePro slide support is made of aluminum to uniformly distribute the temperature across the entirety of the support. Once heated to 40 degrees, the  support naturally spreads the heat over the slide and ensures an even temperature. In addition, this material allows for rapid heat diffusion, which avoids potential loss of time during your analyses using the CASA system.  With this support, GenePro can ensure that analysis of an ejaculate will not be influenced by poor slide temperature management. However, despite this support, it is obviously advisable to warm up the slides on a heating support beforehand. 

Optimum analysis window

Optimum analysis window

The slit on the slide support provides an optimum window for analysis. The slit is perfectly placed to be positioned in the center of the CASA slide.   This position is very important, as dead sperm naturally tends to move towards the ends of the cavity. This analysis slit allows you to use the microscope to analyze semen more accurately and optimally without operator error.

To make your analyses easier, the slide support is proposed with our GenePro casa slides. For more information, check our website.

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