Admission form for entering an AI Stud

Have you thought about an admission form to enter your AI stud ?

Health measures must be very strict to preserve your AI stud from all potential external contaminations. Entry to the center should be controlled to ensure that a visitor will not pose a health problem as a result of their visit.
What are the right questions to ask these visitors? What are the points that must not be neglected? What is the minimum time interval before a visitor is allowed to enter a center after contact with pigs outside your facility?
The following article contains the answers. The end of the article also features a link to download the file of the Admission Form for entering an AI stud, developed by GenePro and practiced within Gènes Diffusion boar studs.

Determine last contact with animals

The first question to answer is: when was the last time you had contact with animals, especially pigs? Based on the response, we recommend the following time frames before considering an AI center admission authorization;

Requested downtime after contact with pigs

These periods are, naturally, suggestions. Each center is able to define its own time period. These periods are applicable in areas that are free from ASF. In countries where the disease is present, these periods will have to be extended.

Improved visitor management

The term visitor defines any person who is not employed by the company, or who is not authorized to enter a center by the official authorities of the country / company. It is important to register visitors to your center. These records are used, in case of a potential problem, to search for and thus trace the origin of the problem.  This provides the best solution in terms of health safety and traceability for your center. For even greater security, this form must be sent before the visit. 

The questionnaire is at your disposal

On this this link, you can find the questionnaire set up by GenePro to control and identify the visitors of your swine center. These documents are used on a daily basis by Gènes Diffusion teams in France.

If you have any questions about visitor management in your swine centers, please contact GenePro’s team. Their Advadiag Audit enables them to help you manage your center, and give you the best recommendations for ensuring that your center remains healthy and safe.

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