The importance of water for boars

Water is a vital resource for boars: around 50% of the body weight of an adult boar is water. Both the quality and quantity of water consumed will have a direct impact on the sperm produced by boars. As such, it is essential to regularly check the quantity and quality of the water being consumed … Read more

Biosecurity – Fight Against Pests

Fight against flies

A leading cause of contamination in any hog operation is often related to pests.  Pest control covers a broad scope, including organic pest control, chemical, biological, electronic and hygiene control.  Eliminating or controlling pests by any of these means is a great opportunity to protect your structures, feed and water quality, and the overall health … Read more

Temperature Monitoring of a Stud

Boars inside their pens

In this article we will discuss the importance of temperature monitoring in the barn and lab.  This will include when and what information to record, ideal temperatures for boars, proper lab temperatures and a few helpful tips throughout. Barn temperature Monitoring the barn temperatures should occur as part of the initial morning walk through as … Read more

Detection of Sick Boars

Boars in his pens

Early detection and treatment of sick boars is not only important for the individual animal but is critical in maintaining the overall health and productivity of your herd.  The focus of this article is to highlight the importance of early detection.  Treatment of specific ailments or diseases should be discussed in detail with the herd … Read more

Good practices when diluting the extender

Boar stud laboratory

The extender is the essential product for properly conserving the semen over time. Different criteria can impact your choice of extenders: shelf life, spectra covered by antibiotics, preservation of sperm motility… In any case, and irrespective of the extender, dilution is a key step in the boar semen production process. With the help of Kebb, … Read more

Organization and optimization of boar collection

Boar to be collected

A production day in you’re A.I. center will always be influenced by the collection rate of your boars. Indeed, it is the number of ejaculates that arrive on time in the laboratory that will guarantee the best efficiency in the production of doses. So to ensure good productivity, it is essential to make sure of … Read more

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