Boar eating inside an AI stud

How do you organize feeding for boars to optimize semen collection?

There is great diversity in the feeding of breeding boars within semen production centers around the world. This article gives you all the practical advice you need to optimize these factors, even if there is a lot of various and efficient method.

How does feeding schedule impact semen quality? How often should boars be fed? When should semen collection be organized in relation to the meal?

Feeding boars : what are the consequences on semen collection ?

It is not advisable to feed boars shortly before collecting their semen :

  • A satiation effect creates a significant drop in the boar’s libido right after feeding, which makes semen collection more difficult and time consuming.
  • Feeling full makes it more difficult for the boar to mount the dummy.
  • Immediate collection after feeding can also increase fecal waste in the collection area.
  • Boar activity on the dummy just after feeding increases the risk of stomach torsion: a rare but often fatal occurrence for the animal.

Our advice: organize semen collections at least six hours after meals, when the boars’ stomachs are empty.

What is the optimal feeding frequency for boars?

Key Point: It is essential to check the appetite of your boars after each meal. An animal that does not eat is an animal that is not healthy! We recommend that your team systematically checks that all troughs are empty after meals.

While the number of feedings varies depending on the center, multiple meals per day may become a major constraint on the work schedule of the feeding team and the collection process.

Our advice: For optimal organization and monitoring, work with a frequency limited to one meal per day.

Key points :

To achieve the best feeding organization for boars in breeding centers :

  • Arrange for semen collection before meals, when the boars’ stomachs are empty, to save time and ensure the safety of the breeding stock
  • Limit the frequency of feeding to once per day, to limit the workload of your staff and ensure optimal monitoring of the boars’ appetite after each meal.

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